Wooldon Manor, Southampton, New York

Oceanside view of Wooldon Manor

Residence of Dr. Peter Wyckoff/ James P. Donahue/ Edmund F. Lynch

Location: Gin Lane

Built: 1900

Architect/s: Barney & Chapman

Landscape Architect/s: Unknown

Status: Demolished 1941

Built for Dr. Peter Wyckoff, then in 1928 sold to Mr. & Mrs. James P. Donahue who renovated the house and expanded the property, turning it into one of Southampton's most opulent estates.
Wooldon Manor is a combination of the last names of Mrs. Donahue, the former Jessie Woolworth and her husband James Paul Donahue.
The final owner was Edmund F. Lynch,of Merrill Lynch. Upon his death in 1938, the estate fell into disrepair and the mansion was demolished. The property was subdivided, and the remaining buildings converted to residential use. The pool house along the ocean has been enlarged and renovated over the years to become an impressive mansion itself. Wooldon Manor is a featured house in the book," Houses of the Hamptons 1880-1930" By Gary Lawrance & Anne Surchin.

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