Houses of the Hamptons, 1880-1930

Villa Mille Fiore at Southampton. Demolished
Read today's review of " Houses of the Hamptons, 1880-1930" on David Patrick Columbia's New York Social Diary.

Walking Tour,"The Founding of Southampton's Summer Colony"

Wooldon Manor at Southampton, One of the homes to be discussed on the tour.
On August 19th, this coming Sunday at 11am, I will be giving a one hour walking tour that will discuss the beginnings of why the village of Southampton, became the world famous resort that was and still is known for it's splendid estates and luxurious lifestyle. Please click HERE for more information. The tour is being given by the Southampton Historical Museum. Please note, there is public parking in front of the Beach Club and the Dune Church, but you must read the signs to make sure you park in the correct designated spaces for non-residents.