Grey Gardens, East Hampton, New York

Here are two views of the house, called Grey Gardens in it's heyday. It was originally called Grey Gardens and was most famous for it's beautiful gardens, designed in shades of grey, blue and pink. It was later owned by the Bouvier family and acquired it's fame as a dilapidated ruin, lived in by Edith Beale and her daughter, known as Little Edie.


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  2. The house seems to be a living creature with all the vines wrapped around it. My mom also loves crawling vines in our house at Grand Lake Homes. She said it makes her feel that the plant nourishes the house and our family relationship. And its flowers during spring add life to whole yard in Jenks. Real estate would be booming if the every house is uniquely designed like this house in this photo. It is more noticeable than the two houses in the image.