"Phenomenal Places" Architect Creates Teeny, Tiny Models of Houses in the Hamptons

Architectural model of a Hampton's residence designed by Peter Cook, Architect. Photograph by Mark Samu
Please click HERE for Curbed National's review of the exhibit at the Southampton Historical Museum, " Phenomenal Places" Architectural models by architect,Gary Lawrance, A.I.A.
The exhibit displays a dozen architectural models of beautiful Long Island homes, many built in the Hamptons by local prominent architects such as, Francis Fleetwood, Preston Phillips, Kitty McCoy, Peter Cook and Frank Greenwald.

Follow these links for more about the exhibit.

Curbed Hamptons, Tiny Houses Almost as Expensive as the Real Thing.
Newsday, Where all the best homes start- as scale models. 
Southampton Press, A View from Above: " Phenomenal Places", The Models of Gary Lawrance

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