Garden at the Southampton estate of Peter Wyckoff

The colorful garden of the Wyckoff estate which was located at the western end of Gin Lane near Lake Agawam in Southampton.

The gardens at the Wyckoff estate in it's heyday were some of the most beautiful in the Hamptons. The property later was sold to Jessie Woolworth Donahue, who with her husband James redid the whole estate, making it into one of the most luxurious in the Hamptons.Unfortunately the house and gardens no longer exist, except for the carriage houses and the pool house built on the ocean by the Donahues, which could easily be mistaken for the original mansion since it has been expanded over the years. Wooldon Manor is featured in the book, " Houses of the Hamptons, 1880-1930", by Gary Lawrance & Anne Surchin. Click HERE to see a review of the book on New York Social Diary and for more views of Wooldon Manor. Click HERE to see the property today on Bing Maps.


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