Villa Mille Fiore, Southampton

Villa Mille Fiore at Southampton was located at the corner of Coopers Neck Lane and Great Plains Road.
Villa Mille Fiore," House of a Thousand Flowers",was built in 1910 for Albert Boardman. It was modeled after the Villa Medici in Rome. In this article from Arts & Decorations, there are some views of the living room and dining room, of this incredible, now demolished mansion that once stood at the corner of Great Plains Road and Coopers Neck Lane. Click HERE to see the site today. The house was an oddity among other Southampton houses and was used as a setting for an Austrian Villa  in an early 1920s silent film, " Just Suppose". The Hamptons was an early place where the budding film industry made movies before moving to Hollywood. Rudolf Valentino's famous scenes of his galloping through the desert, were said to have been shot on the dunes at Montauk.

Coverage of Villa Mille Fiore, it's history with floor plans and many more images can be found in the book, Houses of the Hamptons, 1880-1930, written by Gary Lawrance and Anne Surchin,  published by Acanthus Press 2007. The book contains stories about  32 other houses, most with floor plans, numerous photographs and family histories. Click HERE to preview some chapters.

See more about Villa Mille Fiore as reviewed by David Patrick Columbia in his New York Social Diary.
Visit Acanthus Press to buy and see many other wonderful books on Architecture, Interiors and Gardens from the Gilded Age.


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